"To thine own self be true..."


"and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." 


Polonius' words to his son, Laertes, in Hamlet, Act 1.



The Shakespeare Award bronze medallion shown, with the famous quote handlettered on the back side.


The Shakespeare Award is a friendly playwrighting and poetry competition to encourage and inspire new and experienced playwrights and poets who live in Los Angeles County, California.



The 3rd 2010-2011 Shakespeare Awards winners will be recognized in the spring of 2011 



Ray Bradbury  

Playwright Recipient of the 3rd Annual

Shakespeare Award!

In the Spring of 2011, the Shakespeare Awards will take place at a South Bay lcation.


A stunning bronze medallion, designed by nationally respected sculptor, Cinthia Joyce, will be awarded to the Grand Prize winners.


Please see Cinthia Joyce's web site to view other examples of her outstanding work.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three Poems in the Adult category.


$100 for the Grand prize,

$50 for the 2nd prize

$25 for the 3rd prize.


Honorable mentions will be awarded as deemed by the judges.


All winners will read their winning poems!


What is the Shakespeare Award?

Ray Bradbury, Los Angeles' internationally famous writer of poems, plays, novels and screenplays, is the recipient of the Playwright Shakespeare Award for 2011.


Congratulations, Mr. Bradbury!


Ray has crafted dozens of plays, such as The  Anthem Sprinters, Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle,  and The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, among others. The South Bay Conservatory and The Torrance Performing Arts Consortium are delighted to recogize him for outstanding works in the world of plays.   




Photo by Joey Ikemoto

Photo by Joey Ikemoto


This event is general seating and open to the public for this special recogition of Ray Bradbury's talent.


Ticket information will be available in 2011.





The Shakespeare       

 Awards 2010-2011

Linda Dryer, SBC Producer

Mary Anne Golden, Award Artistic Director




Linda Dryer, SBC Producer

Mary Anne Golden, Award Artistic Director