The Shakespeare Awards 2008


TPAC Consultants Recognized 


TPAC President Peggy Dowell recognized TPAC consultants with framed Shakespeare bronze medallions. Honored were:


Mr. Lloyd Adams

Mr. Steve Norris

Dr. Joyce Craft

Ms. Sheila Hogan

Ms. Terry Klauck

Ms. Megan Willis

Dr. Owen Griffith

Mr. Charles Kray 


The Shakespeare Awards are a friendly playwrighting and poetry competition to encourage and inspire new and experienced playwrights and poets who live in Los Angeles County, California.






On a lovely evening in March 2009, the George Nakano Theater was standing room only for the 1st Annual Shakespeare Awards Reception.


The black tie event was a smashing success!


A stunning bronze medallion, designed by nationally respected sculptor, Cinthia Joyce, was awarded to all top category winners.


Cash prizes were awarded to the top three plays in the Adult catagory.

"Where art thou, Muse, that thou forget'st so long

To speak of that which gives thee all thy might?"


W. Shakespeare, Sonnet 100

2008 Poetry Recipients


Youth Division Poetry Awards

First        Annie Chen

Second    Frank Jimenez

Third        Mary Kelly


Adult Division Poetry Awards

First             Gay Durward

Second         Austin Diamond

Third             Dan Lambert


Guest Poet


Bernadette Shih

2008 Playwright Recipients



First        Leo McElroy

Second   Mark Levine

Third      Ebony Austin


The winning play


Her Majesty Regrets


Play Director


Judy Elliot McDonald

The Grand Prize Play "Her Majesty Regrets"

may be viewed on Youtube. Search:

Shakespeare Award  Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3


Steve Norris, TPAC Producer

   Linda Dryer, SBC Producer

   Mary Anne Golden, Award Director